Tips For Making a Website Mobile-Ready and Mobile Friendly

The Big Change is already upon us: Google has rolled out its mobile first algorithm in search results, listing the mobile version of websites first before anything else.

According to more than half of search results are carried out through mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs, it’s essential for websites to have their websites locked and loaded for mobile devices.

While people still use the Internet using their PCs and Macs, a lot more traffic is coming in from devices with limited screen space, and Google has noticed this big change for a while now.

Obviously if you have a website that hasn’t been adjusted to be more mobile-friendly, your website is going to look downright awkward on the screen of a mobile device.

The margins would be off, the navigations buttons would be too small, and the text wouldn’t be wrapped properly for easier screen reading.

If this sounds like your website, then you definitely need to make some essential upgrades on your website. Here are some essential tips for making a website mobile-read and mobile friendly:

  1. Apply Material Design Principles
material design
Sharing economy and smart consumption concept. Vector illustration in flat style.

Material design is a language set forth by Google that enables websites to automatically resize and adjust to the screen size and capability of the device opening the website. It makes websites snappier, easier to load, and easier to use on mobile devices.

And it is currently one of the biggest hurdles that webmasters and owners of online properties have to contend with as the application of material design concepts automatically boosts a website’s usability according to the search giant’s criteria.

According to Google, the idea behind material design is the interaction of ink and paper, but on an advanced degree, digitally.

Basically, the design makes use of grids, shapes, lines and shadows to show the user where they can press the screen and interact with the Web page. But unlike ink and paper, the design is of course more malleable, and can be used in such a way that there is absolute ease and sense in the design of each Web page.

Google found it necessary to upgrade to material design in 2014 because of the inevitable rise of mobile devices for surfing the Internet. Also known as “flat design,” material design attempts to wave at the interface of mobile phones and tablets that aren’t designed for wide screens.

Maximizing the space on the screen, making buttons more visible and making text, images, and videos more appropriately positioned on the screen are just some of the things aims of material design.

  1. Forget About Hidden Sections and Pop-Ups

avoid pop ups

Webmasters add hidden sections to websites because they want to make the page look neater. The problem is that Google is going to totally ignore those rollover sections, so make sure that you vaporize these sections as soon as possible.

All the text and images on each page should be 100% visible for both desktop and mobile users. Expandable sections can just be additional pages on the websites, and it’s best to make buttons more functional – don’t use them to hide text or images, either.

  1. Focus On Ease of Use

user friendly website

Ease of use means people are able to find what they need on your website and your website cooperates with the user.

By cooperate, we simply mean that the website doesn’t give the user a hard time with navigation, and he can easily find what he needs. Higher ease of use in a website equals higher dwell time, and Google’s RankBrain, or its machine learning system, will notice that immediately.

Because users tend to jump from one website to another when they are unsatisfied with what they from previous websites, staying in one website for at least three minutes and ten seconds on the average means the website is at least offering something that needs to be read for at least that amount of time.

Of course, people stay on websites for much longer periods of time, especially when they are looking for specific information. The three minutes and ten seconds we mentioned refers only to the general average dwell time on top ranking search results. The aim of course is to keep traffic on your website for as long as possible.

To make sure that your website is doing its best to please users, it would be great if you can use mobile friendly test tools to analyze your main page and all associated pages. These test tools can give you a general idea as to how to tweak your website to make it more accessible to people who are using mobile devices to surf the Web.

Of particular importance after this type of website test are the resources that didn’t load properly when the testing website does a quick scan. Errors like “page only partially loaded” can mean that your website is still more optimized for PC users and not for mobile devices.

PCs can easily load mobile-friendly pages, but mobile devices, due to the limitations of their screen space and the fact that they don’t use all of the resources available to PCs, won’t be able to load a PC-friendly website to user satisfaction unless the website has a mobile-friendly version.

  1. Add More Videos, Please

add videos

The Internet in general is hungry for videos. That’s why smaller companies like Daily Motion and Vimeo are still rocking with videos, even if YouTube has obviously dominate video streaming for more than a decade now. According to the experts, video is set to dominate the world of online content by as much as 80% in the coming years.

It’s also important to note that YouTube, the video streaming service is actually also a search engine in its own right, and is even more popular than Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Google has really dominate the field of search and there’s really no end in sight for the tech giant. Optimizing your websites for Google and YouTube would be your best possible decision this year and beyond.

Golf drivers are some of the most expensive clubs in a golf club set. For that reason alone, a serious golfer should make it a point to keep them clean and in tip top shape in every round of play.

As with any other sporting equipment, the appearance of a player’s golf clubs says a lot on how earnest he is about the game. A grimy, uncared for club demonstrates that he isn’t concerned about it, and therefore about the sport either.

Golf drivers should not be stored back into the bag without cleaning it first. Stowing soiled drivers will make the dirt stick into the club heads and deteriorate its paint finish when allowed repeatedly.

golfKeeping these golf clubs dirty can have a negative effect on your tee shots as well. Hitting a dirty ball with a dirty driver usually equates into a less accurate shot as filth can accumulate into the club’s grooves.

To make sure that your drivers are going to last longer, effort and care should be given in cleaning them after every game.

Here are some tips on how to do it.
1. Mix a small amount of soap (household dish washing soap works well) into a bucket of water.

The water should be warm so that the solution will be potent and lathery. It should not be too hot either, as it can loosen the ferrule on golf clubs.

2. Quickly dip the golf drivers in the water solution.

Wash it with a smooth rag soaked in the same cleaning mixture. If the grooves of your club heads retained debris, scrub it thoroughly with an old toothbrush or any other soft-bristled type of brush. Use the brush for cleaning the grooves only.

Important: Golf drivers should not be soaked lengthily into the cleaning solution. Their glossy finish might get damaged. A quick dip will do the trick, or you can just wipe them with a wet rag before cleaning. Also, don’t use metal scrubs when brushing your drivers’ grooves.

3. Carefully rinse the club with water.

golf driversAfter that, wipe it down with a clean, dryrag. Leave it out for a few minutes to completely dry before storing it back into the golf bag. Avoid putting moist golf clubs in the bag because it may form molds or other fungi.

Here are some more tips and guidelines on caring for your drivers :

1. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your golf clubs while playing. Some golfers, because of frustration, bang their clubs around. This can damage the club head.

2. Place a club head cover for your drivers when they are in the bag and not in use. This will provide extra protection from the weather and from bumping with the other clubs in the bag.

3. Dirt in the grooves of your drivers lessen the spin of a shot. The club face should also be kept clean as it may affect the distance and accuracy of a drive. Always carry a wet towel around to wipe your club head after every shot.

4. When there is rain, dry off your drivers with a towel after each shot. Moisture on the club head may damage it so you must keep it dry.

5. Clean your golf drivers immediately after every round.

6. Inspect your drivers before and after each round. If you find problems, get them fixed by qualified professionals before using them again.

7. Apply car wax to your steel golf club shafts after cleaning. For graphite shafts, clean them with water only. Using solvents or other cleaning chemicals can breakdown the polyurethane layer and expose the graphite fibers.

8. Make sure that you store your clubs indoors, not in the garage or the trunk of your car. Extreme temperatures can increase the probability of rusting and can weaken the glue used under the grip.

9. Check if there are worn out areas or cracks on the drivers’ grips. It could mean that it’s time to replace them. Grips are very important for a big drive.

Unless you’re seeking to follow in the footsteps of a few athletes who found doping necessary to get their most coveted title, you should check out GW-501516 if you want to get great results from your workouts. There have been an increasing number of people who buy GW-501516 to have enough energy and strength to continue with their muscle training when their body is already at its limit. However, not everyone seems to fully understand how exactly this serves their system.

For muscle builders, reaching the peak at which their body allows them to perform consistently is a big issue. Of course, they’d want to do a few more reps to achieve their goals without their body complaining about it. While they still have the right mindset to follow a certain training program, with all their muscles drained out, ceasing training is simply inevitable. Because of this, they feel the need to buy GW-501516 in the hopes of complying with their own standards of endurance.

Firstly, this is a type of drug considered as a PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) modulator.

GW-501516What it basically does is stimulate the production of the enzyme AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). When this particular enzyme is activated, the result is an increase in muscle capacity

Naturally, our muscle tissue tires out when put under too much stress. For an ordinary person who’s not particularly into bodybuilding, lifting half his weight makes his muscles seem like they can’t move anymore after doing the strenuous task. But given the effect of the drug, this can be overcome, and he may still be able to lift that weight for a couple more times. If the drug can be this effective, a bodybuilder can easily build muscle mass in less time than usual.

Unfortunately, its use among athletes is banned because it provides them an unfair advantage over their competitors given how it helps enhance the user’s endurance. This simply proves how well taking GW-501516 can enhance an individual’s endurance significantly. The drug is said to take effect immediately and provide results that are very noticeable.

Some men who are overweight buy GW-501516 to help them deal with their obesity. There have been evidences of this drug being able to counter the metabolic abnormalities among obese men who are at risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This is believed to be possible through facilitating the oxidation of fatty acids. Because of this believed effect, GlaxoSmithKline, the company who developed the drug, has been studying its use not only for diabetes and obesity, but also for cardiovascular disease and dyslipidemia (abnormal levels of lipids in the blood).

The fact that many have already experienced the benefits of this drug, as far as losing fat and gaining extra endurance are concerned, may be reason enough for many to make their decision and buy GW-501516 from a decent provider. However, there are still studies being conducted to test if it is really safe or not. The company who created the drug is yet to publicize the entirety of its beneficial effects and health risks. But apparently, this is somewhat overlooked by a few experts and starting bodybuilders.

Despite these facts, it is evident that the number of vendors offering GW-501516 is increasing as the months go by. If you wish to buy GW-501516, you need to make sure you’re getting it from a legitimate provider. The drug may potentially be hazardous, and further research may be required to fully determine how effective and safe it is as an over-the-counter drug. As such, be aware that side effects can occur, especially when dosed beyond what the manufacturer has indicated on the label.