Golf drivers are some of the most expensive clubs in a golf club set. For that reason alone, a serious golfer should make it a point to keep them clean and in tip top shape in every round of play.

As with any other sporting equipment, the appearance of a player’s golf clubs says a lot on how earnest he is about the game. A grimy, uncared for club demonstrates that he isn’t concerned about it, and therefore about the sport either.

Golf drivers should not be stored back into the bag without cleaning it first. Stowing soiled drivers will make the dirt stick into the club heads and deteriorate its paint finish when allowed repeatedly.

golfKeeping these golf clubs dirty can have a negative effect on your tee shots as well. Hitting a dirty ball with a dirty driver usually equates into a less accurate shot as filth can accumulate into the club’s grooves.

To make sure that your drivers are going to last longer, effort and care should be given in cleaning them after every game.

Here are some tips on how to do it.
1. Mix a small amount of soap (household dish washing soap works well) into a bucket of water.

The water should be warm so that the solution will be potent and lathery. It should not be too hot either, as it can loosen the ferrule on golf clubs.

2. Quickly dip the golf drivers in the water solution.

Wash it with a smooth rag soaked in the same cleaning mixture. If the grooves of your club heads retained debris, scrub it thoroughly with an old toothbrush or any other soft-bristled type of brush. Use the brush for cleaning the grooves only.

Important: Golf drivers should not be soaked lengthily into the cleaning solution. Their glossy finish might get damaged. A quick dip will do the trick, or you can just wipe them with a wet rag before cleaning. Also, don’t use metal scrubs when brushing your drivers’ grooves.

3. Carefully rinse the club with water.

golf driversAfter that, wipe it down with a clean, dryrag. Leave it out for a few minutes to completely dry before storing it back into the golf bag. Avoid putting moist golf clubs in the bag because it may form molds or other fungi.

Here are some more tips and guidelines on caring for your drivers :

1. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your golf clubs while playing. Some golfers, because of frustration, bang their clubs around. This can damage the club head.

2. Place a club head cover for your drivers when they are in the bag and not in use. This will provide extra protection from the weather and from bumping with the other clubs in the bag.

3. Dirt in the grooves of your drivers lessen the spin of a shot. The club face should also be kept clean as it may affect the distance and accuracy of a drive. Always carry a wet towel around to wipe your club head after every shot.

4. When there is rain, dry off your drivers with a towel after each shot. Moisture on the club head may damage it so you must keep it dry.

5. Clean your golf drivers immediately after every round.

6. Inspect your drivers before and after each round. If you find problems, get them fixed by qualified professionals before using them again.

7. Apply car wax to your steel golf club shafts after cleaning. For graphite shafts, clean them with water only. Using solvents or other cleaning chemicals can breakdown the polyurethane layer and expose the graphite fibers.

8. Make sure that you store your clubs indoors, not in the garage or the trunk of your car. Extreme temperatures can increase the probability of rusting and can weaken the glue used under the grip.

9. Check if there are worn out areas or cracks on the drivers’ grips. It could mean that it’s time to replace them. Grips are very important for a big drive.